How did it all start?

Every so often I come up with a bright idea, the running idea was maybe a bit daft at the age of 42! I have always enjoyed walking, hill climbing and going to the gym but decided to take up running – or so I thought! Maybe I should have called it slow jogging or ambling at the start as thats all it was!

I went on my first run at 6pm on a cold evening in March, I had no idea how far I should run, what I should take or what I should wear? Warm up? What’s that? Off I went. 

100 yards in and I couldnt really breathe in the traditional manner, the cold air was not really helping me!  I kept going and tried to set a steady running pace, and also to concentrate on my breathing.  I was running on a very flat path that circumnavigates my housing estate!  This first run was probably a total distance of 1km, yes that was it! Embarassing or what, of course I told everyone else that asked that I had run a couple of miles!

It took me another week to pluck up the courage to go again! This is the first golden rule of running, try and go more often! However for the first few weeks I only managed 3 runs, so was not really getting anywhere with it, and also not enjoying it!

I decided I needed a target so I entered a 10k local road race, the 2 castles run from Warwick Castle to Kenilworth Castle in early June.  Now I had something to aim for…


Hello world!

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